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About Affordable Sunshine

Two couples found ourselves visiting the Mazarron area regularly to holiday and visit friends and family local to the area.  After several years of visits we decided that we'd like to make a more permanent investment - and that turned out to be to be an apartment each in Mojon Hills.

We chose Mojon Hills for three reasons:

  1. The views of the Bay of Mazarron are wonderful
  2. The area had the right balance of activity that created enough commerce to have restaurants and shops and still keeping its innate tranquility
  3. The builder was well know for their quality and the fit and finish of their builds

Rather than have the apartments sit empty for a large portion of the year, we've chosen to make them available to let for your holiday too.

We hope that you enjoy staying in Mojon Hills as much as we do.

If you'd like to know more about the apartments or the area, then please do send us note via our contact us page.

- Wendy & Mark, Becky & Dave,


















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